A process automation platform that enables designing, automating and improving processes and provides better CX, delivering projects faster and increasing business agility.


Camunda Process Automation software enables organizations to orchestrate and automate complex processes in a new way that allows them to lay the foundation for a new digital enterprise ensuing automating any process, anywhere. And as we talk about Camunda, the practice constantly grows within Eclatprime. As they say the secret to getting ahead is getting started, it is bound to move in just one direction now - ahead. To know further on Camunda, click here.

End-to-end Orchestration

We transform your business by providing enterprise platform for Workflow and Decision Automation. Our platform services yield better business-IT collaboration leading to smoother process automation reinvention & easier approach to meet the ever-changing needs of market.

Enterprise Architecture & Solution

We enable robust, flexible and reusable workflow automation architecture to your customers. Our proficiency in design and technology tailored to different industries ensures lightweight, high performance and easy-to-integrate solutions leading to agility and growth.

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